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RAK Meshtastic Starter Kit

An overview of the RAK Meshtastic Start Kit from the RAKwireless WisBlock line of Meshtastic compatible devices

RAK Meshtastic Starter Kit

The WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit is a product offered by RAKwireless, a device manufacturer based in Hong Kong, the kit includes all the hardware you need to get a Meshtastic Messenger Node up and running.

The device is modular consisting of a main board and core module, with options for additions hardwear. By utilizing the RAK4631 for its Core Module, the device can offer far superior low power capabilities than the vast majority of currently deployed Meshtastic nodes, albeit at the expense of a few key features

RAK Meshtastic Starter Kit

Key Features

Some of the major selling points for this nRF52840 based board are it’s ultra low power consumption, modular, upgradable design along with compact construction using quality parts

  • Modular Design allows you to add additional modules and capabilities such as sensors and GPS
  • Extremely low power consumption making solar deployment easy, thanks to the nRF52840 at the heart of the device
  • Compact design allowing complete control of mounting and enclosure options


  • System on Chip (SOC): Nordic nRF52840
  • LoRa Transceiver: Semtech SX1262
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (BLE)
  • I2C & SPI, Analog and Digital inputs / outputs

Full specifications can be found on the official RAKwireless Website 

nRF52840 Based Node Compared to ESP32 Powered Devices

There are some notable key differences between nRF52840 and ESP32 powered devices, the best choice for your node will likely come down to the tradeoffs listed in the table below.




Average Power Consumption

Much Lower

Much Higher

Output Power






Onboard Memory (PSRAM)






Bluetooth 5 (BLE)



Device Cost

Usually Higher

Usually Lower

What's Included in the Starter Kit

Excluding a power source and the Meshtastic software, the RAK WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you node up and running.

  • RAK WisBlock 19007, or 19003, or 19001 Base Board
  • RAK WisBlock 4631 Core Module
  • LoRa Antenna
  • BLE Antenna

Price & Where to Buy Meshtastic Starter Kit

Meshtastic Starter Kit on Amazon – $53.14 (Free Shipping)

RAKWireless Official Store – $24.99 (Plus Shipping & Taxes) USE CODE ‘MESHABOUT’ FOR 3% OFF

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The Meshtastic Start Kit

This kit seems ideal for those seeking to deploy a Meshtastic node in a location or situation where a low power consumption is essential, the compact but modular nature of the device further increases the vast range of uses cases it can be configured for.

Even if you don’t necessarily need the lower power consumption benefits, if you can live with the lack of WiFi connectivity and the slightly increased cost compared to something like a ESP32 powered Heltec V3, going down the RAK WisBlock route may still make sense

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